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The Tailored Approach

Embarking on the path of change can be daunting, but with the support of Tony Silvio, an accomplished coaching professional, your journey becomes an empowering and tailored experience. Welcome to Midas Mindset, where we understand that each individual and business is unique, and there are no two clients or ventures alike.


Through our distinctive and personalised approach, we provide you with precisely the right tools and knowledge to unlock your true potential. At Midas Mindset, we firmly believe that turning vision into reality is not a one-size-fits-all process. Instead, we focus on understanding your specific aspirations and challenges, tailoring our guidance to suit your needs.


On average, clients experience a 50% increase in their mindset over a 12-session period. Our tried and tested tools and techniques, combined with step-by-step programs, set you up for success. Proven methods based on Dr. Gail Mathews' extensive research on goal setting ensure you achieve your goals efficiently. In fact, 95% of our clients reach their goals while working with Midas Mindset.


Our programs are designed to offer quick improvements with actionable steps, and we provide regular check-ins to help you achieve your vision faster. We customize and tailor plans to reduce sacrifice and effort, ensuring a smoother journey. With 1-on-1 support between sessions, we assure you of success along your journey.


Whether you seek personal growth or desire to achieve remarkable success in your professional endeavors, we are here to support you every step of the way. Discover what Midas Mindset can do for you today, and together, let's create a transformative journey towards realizing your dreams.

Past Client Experiences

What They’re Saying

Tony is amazing at what he does, with an incredible insight into how to get the most out of every person he coaches regardless of their personality or background. This sentiment has been freely echoed by all of our other participants at MGC Civil! Thank you for being an incredible mentor, with the ability to guide our leadership team, on their journey of realisation, responsibility, and growth. 

Daniel Murphy
General Manager - MGC Civil

Tony's Midas Mindset programme has had a great impact on our Loanport Team. He provided a tailored approach, allowing us to work on ourselves during company time, leading to better focus without distractions. The team has responded well to Tony's guidance, setting and articulating personal and professional goals. His gentle and holistic approach to change makes him highly recommended for anyone seeking personal or professional growth

Diana McKenzie
General Manager - Loanport


Anthony has not only helped me become better at handling day to day business situations, but also taught me how to have a more positive and clearer mindset towards general life.


Owner of Neon Plumbing

Diana McKenzie.jpg

I have nothing but gratitude with Midas Mindset for allowing me to look within myself with the realisation that I have the ability to be a well rounded individual. It helped me discover I actually have had that ability all along. I loved the experience and would recommend to all. It is definitely an awesome journey of self exploration and I definitely come out of the experience with a higher level of self awareness

Jason Stade
Supervisor - MGC Civil

Tony has been amazing for me. He has broken down old thought patterns and provided me with the tools and confidence to execute a new way of thinking and locked a new drive/determination and confidence within myself. I truly believe that anyone can benefit from exploring mindset coaching for self improvement. Since starting with Tony, I have noticed a dramatic and positive difference in my life. I've even had friends and family commenting on my progress physically and mentally

Michael Noonan
Saint Finance

Anthony has a natural ability to listen, teach, and guide you in achieving your full potential in personal development and career growth. Using the tips and tools he has given me and focusing on my strengths and values, I was able to set clear, structured goals with a fresh perspective and a better way of reaching them. More importantly, he gave me the confidence and skills to continue to do this.

Nikki Drake

Nikki Drake.jpg

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