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Case Study

Leadership Growth and its Links to Mindset at MGC Civil

Background: Anthony Silvio, the owner of Midas Mindset, provided coaching services to MGC Civil, a civil construction company, with the goal of improving leadership quality among five leaders. The coaching was aimed at addressing various challenges faced by these leaders, including self-confidence, emotional control during stressful situations, work-life balance, and the impact of home factors on work performance. Tony's coaching approach was based on Alfred Adler's theories, focusing on a holistic approach and providing clients with mindset tools for everyday life.

Coaching Solutions: Anthony implemented a tailored coaching approach, conducting twelve one-on-one sessions with each leader. The sessions were designed to equip the clients with valuable tools and techniques to enhance their mindset and leadership abilities. Specific strategies included:

  1. Understanding Values and Beliefs: Clients were encouraged to explore and understand their core values and beliefs, aligning their actions and decisions accordingly.

  2. Cartesian Coordinates for Problem Solving: Anthony taught the use of Cartesian coordinates to help the leaders approach problem-solving with a structured and logical perspective.

  3. Communication Strategies: Leaders were educated on various communication styles, enabling them to tailor their messages effectively according to their audience's communication preferences.

  4. SMART Goals: Anthony educated the clients about the structure of SMART goals, empowering them to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives.


Implementation: To ensure accountability and continuous support, weekly check-ins were conducted between coaching sessions. Additionally, Anthony encouraged collaboration among the clients, allowing them to support each other during the coaching process.

Results and Outcomes: At the end of the coaching program, Anthony evaluated the impact on the leaders' mindset and leadership skills. The results and outcomes were as follows:


Testimonials/Feedback: The clients provided positive feedback regarding the changes they noticed and the actions they took during the coaching process:

  1. Changes noticed: Increased self-calm, honesty, drive, excitement about the direction, better emotional management, improved confidence in problem-solving with the team.

  2. Actions taken: Improved routines, prioritization, different perspectives, learning from others, willingness to change, increased confidence, active participation in sessions, and self-reflection.

  3. Self-discoveries: The clients learned that they can be more effective leaders and humans, achieve their goals comfortably, need to be more disciplined with their emotions, and that nobody is perfect, requiring kindness towards themselves.

  4. New qualities observed: Reduced self-doubt, increased calmness and reduced stress levels, understanding the importance of family orientation for optimal functioning, and a boost in confidence.


Conclusion: The case study demonstrates the positive impact of Anthony Silvio's coaching on the leadership growth and mindset of the leaders at MGC Civil. The clients experienced significant improvements in various aspects of leadership and personal development. The tailored coaching approach, combined with consistent support and accountability, played a crucial role in driving these positive outcomes.

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