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Athletes and Sporting Associations

Become a Goal Setting Machine

Put simply, Midas Mindset is a personal trainer for the mind. It is a method of assisted self-exploration that helps determine an individual's current situation, their intentions and aspirations and the means they have to meet these objectives. Midas Mindset also help sporting clubs develop a culture where they are constantly self-improving and bettering themselves for the greater good. Our mission is to motivate club members to look at what they do with a positive mindset and continue to grow and achieve.

Through the evolution of stronger communication with players and coaches, along with the growing of a goal orientated environment, Midas Mindset can help you grow your club into what you envision it to be.

During 2022, We have been working with the Whitford Warriors Football Club as a mindset coach. 

This role entailed working with the coaching group to develop a better style of communication with their players. Midas Mindset helped them understand each players trigger points and how to best communicate with them to get maximum output, both on and off the field.

We worked with the leadership group to establish goals for the season and created a system to deliver clear messaging on game days based on maximising their individual communication styles.

Due to Midas Mindset's success with the above, we were invited to attend regular Tuesday training, working with both leaders and players. This entailed helping leaders to get the best out of their fellow players, working one on one with individual goals and expectations. 

Midas Mindset also worked with specific players to help build confidence, especially those coming back from long term injuries, players who wanted to develop consistency in their game, or have leadership aspirations.

Building on the remarkable success of the 2022 season, where all three grades of the Whitford Warriors Football Club made the finals for the first time in three decades, Midas Mindset's role was further expanded for the 2023 season. Our involvement now extends to game day, where we play a crucial role in ensuring consistent messaging from the coaches to the players. We work closely with the coaching staff to maintain a unified and clear message, helping to foster a mentally prepared and focused mindset among the players before each game. Additionally, during the matches, we provide assistance to the players, helping them stay mentally switched on and perform at their best. By being present on game days, Midas Mindset aims to enhance the overall performance and success of the Whitford Warriors Football Club, creating a culture of resilience, determination, and continuous improvement.

"Anthony met with the Coaching Staff and we set expectations and outcomes. This was then delivered to our player group and we as a team have implemented the changes. The mindset of the coaches and players have increased dramatically under Anthony’s guidance. Anthony still comes to training every Tuesday night and has one-to-one session with players – which the players have found beneficial - with their individual circumstances. As the Senior Coach and having Anthony on board this year has certainly has made my job easier. To have someone with expertise in this area has been massive for our club." 

Christian Kelly
Whitford FC Coach
200 WAFL games with Swan Districts and West Perth

"Tony was willing to work with both coaches and players. He was able to help coaches create targeted goals and plans around when to reassess them. These goals were used to tailor training drills and game plan ideas. While working with players he worked individually and in small groups.
With individuals, he was able to help players find new ways to deal with injuries, skill components and getting their mindset ready for game days. Working with all groups, Tony is able to guide conversations, using what had been shared, to set goals. This allowed for whole of club buy in as
everyone feels they have had equal contribution and input into the process. On game day, his expertise was invaluable in helping to communicate ideas to players and keeping written tactics and speeches at breaks succinct and targeted. Tony has been invaluable with his in put to the club"

Chris Keunen

206 WAFL games with West Perth

Current Whitford FC Player

The most significant change I've observed as a senior player since Tony began working with us is the boost in our collective belief. Belief has always been present, but Tony has helped us merge our individual mindsets into a unified force, making the belief within the team even stronger. He's someone who truly understands and supports you. His ability to provide clarity and help you gain a clearer vision of what you want to achieve in life is invaluable. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with Tony. Right from the beginning, he instills that trust and creates an environment where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts. In my opinion, Tony is an exceptional mind coach. He not only motivates and guides you to pursue your goals, but he also equips you with the tools to ask yourself important questions.

Ray Bartholomew

187 WAFL games with West Perth

Current Whitford FC Player

"Anthony is a great mindset coach. Someone who will take the time out of their day to help you and someone who invests their time into you. Anthony has become a great mentor of mine and always follows up and checks in with me. If things aren’t going my way, he always takes the time to help find a new solution and a new mindset that works for me. I have been able to face challenges in life now with a new point of view and a new fresh mindset."

Fraser Foley
Current Player - Whitfords FC

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